The Halloween Special – Up Your #SquadGhouls This Spooky Season

For many marketers, brands and influencers alike, the festive season brings with it unmissable opportunities to boost sales, increase ad revenue and gain followers, Halloween being no exception. With a bit of crafting, a whole lot of imagination and most importantly, competitive monetizable content to capture trending attention, everyone is getting geared up.

From ghoulish make-up tutorials to DIY monster meringues, the Halloween festivities are spooktacular this year. Some even offer homages to influencers and viral moments over the last year, check out the Scoops Ahoy costume from Stranger Things,  and even Urban Outfitters “influencer costume,” equipped with the essential monotone spandex leggings and sports bra; giving the everyday plane Jane the chance to “channel Instagram style … worthy of a superstar influencer”.

The beauty industry follows suit when it comes to intrenching itself firmly in the Halloween ritual with a plethora of macabre makeup looks and essential holiday products. Food channels demonstrate how to create the most appetizing zombie cookies and cakes, while Twitch users stream horror games scary enough to frighten even the darkest souls.

Let’s face it, these festivities are a competitive playing field, jam-packed full of awesome entertainment and value-added creepy content.

Here are a few brands and influencers creating Halloween content to inspire you:

MAC Cosmetics

The iconic cosmetics brand MAC Cosmetics isn’t disappointing its 23M Instagram followers and 578K YouTube subscribers this Halloween with make-up looks, tutorials, and products to die for.


Brad Mondo

Hair on fleek for Halloween? Best known for his styling tips and tricks videos on his channel, Brad Mondo is a name that’s creating a lot of hype in the beauty community these days. So far, his hair antics have earned him 543K followers on Instagram and another 3.45M subscribers on YouTube.

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I hope I haunt your dreams 🤗💞

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Matthew Santoro

The Canadian born YouTuber Matthew Santoro isn’t letting his fans down this spooky season with his 50 Creepy Facts list. In the hair-raising spirit of things, Matthew is putting out content that will be sure to give anyone of his 294K Instagram followers and 6.41M YouTube subscribers an unnerving taste of all things scary.

Game Grumps

The Let’s Play web series hosted by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, is bringing the Halloween spirit alive for its 1.2M Instagram followers and 5.19M YouTube subscribers. In their 10 Minute Power Hour, a weekly show they produce, Arin and Dan have some fun with their very own spooky inspired game of archery. Nothing like sharp objects and too much candy to get things interesting.


Thread Banger

The how-to, crafting and DIY YouTube channel Thread Banger, run by married couple Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh, will keep you in stitches, and possibly with stitches, during this ghoulish season. Video titles include the likes of Eating Brains as Rob Zombie ft. How To Cake It, EPIC DIY Haunt? Part 1 and Gourd Intentions, DIY Haunt Part 2. Things are going to get excitingly strange for their 266K Instagram followers, 3.97M YouTube subscribers and 190K Twitter followers this spine-chilling Hallows’ Eve.


Good Mythical Morning

This comedy, talk and variety YouTube series, also known as Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link has amassed quite the audience with its 2.6M Instagram followers and 15.9M YouTube subscribers. Created to entertain, these two guys are making mouthwatering content this Halloween with titles like Nasty Candy Apple vs. Real Candy Apple (Game), Pumpkin Spice Snack Taste Test and Why  You Should Avoid These Halloween Masks.

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Featured image by David Menidrey on Unsplash

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