How to Become a Top Influencer in Influencer Marketing

We’re getting deeper and deeper into the 21st century. Everyone and anyone is using Social Media on a day to day basis, whether you’re a twelve-year old making funny Tik Toks, a mom posting her baby’s first steps on Facebook, or a business man networking on LinkedIn. The world is fully interconnected with the web, and interactions are becoming digital and easy.  In this age of hyper-connectivity, it makes sense to use these digital developments to our advantage. Influencer Marketing does just that.

Although big brands have used popular celebrities to promote their products in the past, Influencer Marketing changes the game paving the way for non-celebrities to get in on the action and get paid for creating content for brands. All you need to join the Influencer Marketing world is Wi-Fi and a following. Although getting the followers sounds like an uphill battle, keep reading for tips and tricks on how to grow your audience and achieve your influencer marketing goals.

How to Become an Influencer

The first step to becoming an influencer is establishing a social media presence. Start by thinking of what content you want others to see. It could be helpful to think of things you are passionate about and could continuously talk about and promote. This could be video games, makeup, movie reviews, traveling, etc. Pick something and run with it.

Keep in mind that the content you post should resonate with people. That is how you start to create an audience. Keep them intrigued, wanting more, and included in a two way conversation between you and them. They don’t want to just watch you or read your Tweets, they want to interact with you.

How to Grow Your Audience

With that in mind, you need to interact with them as well. Your audience will want your attention the same way you want theirs. Give them some likes and retweets and respond to their comments from time to time. When it comes to social websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., try asking them a question! Engaging with them is that easy. Post things like, “What is your favorite makeup brand?”, or “Reply to this with your country’s flag!”. This will get people excited to show you, the influencer, a little bit about themselves, which in return allows you to know more about your audience and what they would like to see from you.

Another way to interact with your audience, no matter the size of your following, is to do some giveaways! People love receiving things and this is a great way to bring traffic to your profile. Keeping with the example of a YouTube/Instagram makeup influencer, an influencer can do something like a random draw for an eyeshadow palette from a make-up brand they love. They can start it by telling their followers that if they like, comment, and share the post with at least 5 friends, their name will be put in a raffle to receive the gift! Simple, not very costly, and benefits everyone. A win-win.


Before you know it, brands will be sending you products to include in the giveaways, and eventually paying you big bucks to do it.

Keeping Your Audience Entertained

To keep your growing audience, you need to keep them entertained. People go on Social Media because there is always something new to see; it’s addicting. As an influencer, you want to make sure you are constantly producing content. Try keeping a calendar to remind yourself to post one video a week or two photos a day. The number of times you should be posting depends on which social media channels you use. Some are easier to create content for and require less time than others. Posting regularly keeps your audience on their toes and makes them feel like they are part of your life.

Watch Your Followers Grow!

We know you can’t always become a huge influencer overnight. It takes time and effort to get into the groove of the online world, but hopefully, with our tips, you will be a highly paid influencer in no time. Remember to keep posting about things you are passionate about, keep interacting and sharing with your audience and keep them wanting more! WOW Influence is excited to see your future growth and ready to have you join our team! Stay tuned for more articles on how to grow your personal brand and improve your content.


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