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I’m a Millennial Marketing student who watched the Fyre Festival unfold on social media. ​Here are the five things I learned.

Influencer Marketing is still a new and evolving marketing strategy. However, old questions are resurfacing, and further questions are presenting themselves after the Fyre Festival Documentaries on Netflix and Hulu were released earlier this month. Marketers are questioning their future investments in influence marketing, but it is important to note that this event took place […]

Followers Demographics or Performance Stats? How to Choose Your Influencers

Follower Demographics or Performance Stats? How to Choose Your Influencers

The growth in the use of influencer marketing has a lot of brands clambering to secure good relationships with these powerful individuals. However, succeeding with influencer marketing means taking a strategic approach. You need to analyze the right data surrounding each influencer and their reach so that you can determine the right one to pursue. […]

Social Indicators and Business Indicators – What’s the Difference?

As influencer marketing continues to reshape the way brands interact with their audiences, it’s important to consider how these campaigns are measured. Proper monitoring of influencer marketing efforts will help determine which tactics are working and which are not, making it easier for marketing professionals to build a more effective strategy for their companies. However, […]

Data, Data, Data: Why Influencer Marketing Is More of A Science Than A Gut Feeling

Data, Data, Data: Why Influencer Marketing is More Science than Gut Feeling

As we proceed further into the information age, it’s becoming less and less popular to just “go with your gut.” We see it everywhere. In sports, scouts and coaches are constantly using data to help them evaluate players and determine match-ups. In government, politicians are collecting and using information about voters to help them write […]

7 Key Tips for Running a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

7 Key Tips for Running a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is becoming a more and more attractive way of boosting your brand, but how you can be sure your campaign goes the way you want? There are a number of factors to take into consideration.  By incorporating these tips into your next campaign, you can be sure it ends up a success. 1) […]

Short term influencer campaigns or long term ambassador contracts?

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audiences. Influencers have spent years building up trust with their audience, and are therefore rather successful at influencing their actions. Hence the term “influencer.” Brands all over the world are jumping on this exciting opportunity to market themselves. And as more and more people jump […]

What to Look for in an Influencer Marketplace

Are you trying to figure out which influencer marketplace is the best for you? Don’t worry, we get it – it’s far from an easy choice. In fact, with dozens of different platforms currently live on the market, making a choice is difficult. With customers growing ever-wiser to old-school sales tactics and putting up barriers […]

Why Influencer marketing

Why Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is all over the marketing world today. But what is it really? Why marketers must have it as part of their toolbox? What’s the difference between sponsors, ambassadors, celebrities advertising and influencers? Why this marketing tool works so good in today’s markets? Listen to our episode about why influencer marketing is so important to […]

What is Audience Efficiency

The common understanding between marketers is that there is a significant overlap of followers when dealing with influencers from the same niche. But there are ways to avoid it and get more value for your budget. Join our second episode of the podcast to understand what is Audience Efficiency and what to demand from your platform […]

How to find Influencers

The influencer marketing world is exciting and erupting. It all starts with finding the right influencer to match your brand. But how to find them? Who’s the “right” influencer? Manually or automatically? In this first episode we go and explain the challenges with finding influencers and how to use tools to ease the work and make sure […]


Can’t find an answer?

Call us at +XX XXX XXXX or email



How many influencers do you currently have?

We have plenty of high-quality influencers in every niche that’s relevant to you. If you’re missing a specific niche or influencer type, trust us, we’ll find them for you fast!  We have access to top talent and are constantly scouting, vetting and adding the right influencers to our database.

Do you have influencers in niches than other e-sports and video games?

Right now these are our 2 most popular niches and the demand for these Influencers are the greatest, so we’ve focused our energy on building our database of influencers with an emphasis on these niches. If you’re in need of additional niches let us know – we’ll find them fast!

Will you stand behind your numbers? What if we see different ones?

We are proud to be the first platform to measure the TRUE ROI of Influencer Marketing campaigns, as well as many other KPIs. We’ve worked hard creating a proprietary, sophisticated technology meant specifically to meet the needs of this emerging medium. If you happen to see other numbers – please let us know and we’ll check any discrepancies.

As an agency, can I define different roles? Can I put “Chinese walls” between different clients of mine?

Our system is very robust when it comes to roles and permissions. You can define various roles for various groups and maintain the strict confidentiality of each client.

Who is exposed to my data and campaigns?

Only to people within your company that you choose to grant permissions to. We only use anonymized data for statistics and improving our system – we never divulge any sensitive client data to any third party.

What kind of payment methods you use?

We adhere to the same standards as the top marketplaces (such as eBay, UpWork, Fiverr and more) therefore we support wire transfers, credit cards, PayPal,  and more. If you have a preferred method of payout, let us know and we’ll see how we can integrate it.

I really love what you have, can you help me migrate all of my influencers and running campaigns to your system?

Absolutely! In no time at all, we can help you move all campaigns and influencers – seamlessly and effortlessly. Your influencers will thank you for it – trust us!

Will other marketers see my influencers?

Generally, once an influencer is on our platform, they are visible to all of our clients. However, if you wish, you can make certain influencers that you referred to our marketplace visible only for you for limited periods of time.

What is the difference in the workflow between your platform and other platforms?

WOW Influence is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for scouting, management, and measurement of Influencer Marketing campaigns – making it simple, effective and scalable.

With WOW Influence:

  1. Find the right influencers for each campaign based on multiple filters: location, demographics, performance metrics, Influencer type, campaign type and more
  2. Engage with influencers in the right way: define the deal type (predefined, auction, ad hoc customized offer, etc.) communicate in one place,  clear contracts preventing misunderstandings down the road, define specific compensation and terms
  3. Allocate – budget optimally based on our “smart” system – which influencer, what channels, target audiences, audience efficiency, overlapping audiences and even unique verticals you might not be aware of…
  4. Manage – Run the campaign, get ongoing performance indicators and metrics to optimize results
  5. Measure – After the campaign ends, review results, approve and learn how to improve performance for the next campaign
  6. Pay – Easily disbursement of payments directly to influencers in one transaction upon successful completion of the campaign
  7. Optimize – sharing insights on influencers with other team members saves time and effort scouting for future campaigns, increasing ROI each time

All this on a user-friendly interface with a feature-rich system that’s fully integratable with in-house campaign management systems allowing powerful scalability – no other system on the market today can provide an end-to-end, robust solution like Wow Influence can – Especially for the measurement of True ROI which nobody currently provides.

What Social channels do you support

Our goal is to provide as many integrations to as many social networks as possible. Right now we support Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Many more will be coming soon

Do you support Advertising agencies?

Of course we do! There are unique elements for advertising agencies like multiple users, collaboration between team members and many more. WOW Influence system is built to make the ad agency work easier and more efficient. This is what we had in mind when building it and we kept our word. If you are part of an ad agency, just sign up and feel the WOW!


To Set up your account

  1. Go to the Brands page OR from our Homepage and click “signup now”
  2. Fill in your brand’s and your details and you are almost set to go
  3. Complete your brand’s profile to make sure the influencers know you and you get the most of our system
  4. Go to create campaign and start campaigning. You see how easy it is

Your Current System

I’m already using another platform. Why should I work with your system?

We really appreciate your loyalty – and look forward to making you a loyal client of ours. Believe us – we want the best for you – and we’ve developed to best solution out there. Why should you settle for less than Wow? Give us a try – you’ll understand why…

Why don’t you provide a discovery engine? Other systems have it?

We found that the discovery engine is actually the simplest component of Influencer Marketing campaigns – instead, we chose to focus on other more important elements that can truly contribute to the success of your campaigns. If you aren’t finding the Influencers you need – let us know and we’ll find them fast. If you find influencers somewhere else – we can easily help you onboard them – they’ll love you for it!

In addition, you need to remember that not all influencers born equal. There are many influencers out there with FAKE followers, sleepy followers that are not engaged and more. We vet every influencer before we allow them to join our system. This what makes our ecosystem so clean, efficient and effective

What customers/brands/agencies are you already working with?

We could tell you but then we’d have to kill you 😉 Wow! Just kidding – we are working with some of the biggest brands out there – but just like we promise you to keep your data confidential – we’ve promised them the same. We don’t believe in name dropping – we want you to experience the Wow for yourself.

Pricing & Money

How can you claim to save me so much headcount and costs?

The workflow becomes much more efficient because everything happens on one system that includes everything you need to run and manage campaigns (from scouting to engaging to tracking and measuring) – this cuts out the need for multiple people working on multiple programs saving you both headcount, time and subscription fees for multiple programs

What’s the cost for using your system?

We have a pay per use model – it’s very fair because if you aren’t using it – you don’t pay! Only when you’re running an active campaign do you pay a certain percentage of the campaign budget, based on a tiered model of volume and size of your company

You charge too much

Really? Do we? For the value we bring many of our customers were shocked that we don’t charge a hefty subscription fee on top of the usage fee! Again, if you aren’t running campaigns – you aren’t paying. And your success is our success – the better you do, the more budget you can allocate smartly, and then we also make our fair share. Not a bad deal 😉

Remember that we are a premium service for an underserved marketing tool. We are so confident in the value that we’ll bring to you that you will see the commission that we take as minor compared to your successful campaigns and the time and money we save you  – not to mention the frustration we can get rid of!

Everyone charges based on a subscription model. Why do you take a % of the budget?

We believe pay for what you use and forging partnerships with our clients. If you’re not running an active campaign, why should we be charging you? On the other hand, if your campaigns are successful and we had a contribution to that – empowering you to run, manage and measure great influencer campaigns, shouldn’t we be compensated? That’s what true partnership is all about 🙂

Why do I need to deposit the amount before the campaign starts?

First of all, we commit on your behalf to paying the influencers upon successful completion of the campaign. And as we get to know you, see the volume of great campaigns you’re running and build mutual trust, we can discuss credit lines. Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

How secure is my money with you?

We use an Internationally known Escrow service – it’s just as secure as it would be if you were closing on a house or establishing a trust for a family member.

Can I have a credit line?

Over time, as we get to know you and see the volume of great campaigns you’re running and we build mutual trust, we are open to discussing credit lines.

Other Services

What kind of support will I get?

Best in class support – we have 24/7 support available globally – any need you have we can answer via email, chat or phone.

Do you provide creative services?

Not at the moment – but don’t worry – it’s in our roadmap! We know that finding great creative talent is even harder than finding Influencers – and we’re working on solving that for you in the same way we solved the Influencer problem – stay tuned!

Can you manage campaigns for me?

We built our solution as a Self-Service platform – we wanted to give you the freedom to manage your own campaigns with ease, making it an agile, affordable and seamless solution where you take the wheel with ease and maximize your ROI.



What is so unique in your system

Nobody knows how much work goes into being an Influencer except you… It’s not just snaps, tweets and pics – it’s lots of work growing your squad and keeping it legit

But when it comes to getting gigs that pay you for your work – that’s a whole new level of pain – Finding the brands, dealing with contracts, legal mumbo-jumbo

With WOW Influence you can

  1. Create a dope profile that shows you at your best
  2. Find and be found by brands you vibe with
  3. Let us handle the legal and contract stuff – you’ve got enough to take care of
  4. Do what you do – let us do the rest: Measure ROI, generate reports, talk to the brands
  5. Get Paid – as soon as the gig is up – no waiting, no hating

No Exclusivity – Yo – we don’t wanna marry you – just get you gigs. No commitment, no upfront fees – no mess

Why do you need access to my social accounts

One of the biggest headaches you might have is to send daily and after every campaign stats and results. You need to invest hours just to find it, format it to the way the brand wants and send it just to get a reject.

When you give us access (don’t worry, we are not going to steal anything or do anything on your behalf), we pull out the results, format them, filter and sort them to the way we know the brands love to see and you do NOTHING. Isn’t this great?

How exactly do you save me time and headache

Let’s start with being found. If you are on our system, the biggest and most relevant brands will find you easily and appreciate what you have to offer. Then they will contact you and discuss and close with you all terms, finance, creative and more, all in an internal chat, no need to send emails, have dropbox or anything like it, we pull out the campaign results for you and send them out and the sweetest thing, we collect your payments and transfer them to you immediately. How’s that for a frictionless place to be part of?

Why do I need to have a strong profile

The stronger and richer the profile, the easier for relevant brands to find you and engage with you. Invest the time to make your profile as full, rich and strong as possible to enable you to get exposed to as many relevant brands as possible. You will get an indication about the strength of your profile and what do to make it stronger

What can I do with negative feedback

Essentially the brand is the one that provides the feedback and we try to be as objective as we can. If you got low feedback you can talk to us but better would be to outperform the next time and make this one low feedback a one time incidents. The good brands see beyond the one-time low feedback and If you’ll bring them the value they will love you for it and equip you with extra positive feedback again and again

Can you assure me that I will get offers?

You need to highlight your strengths, continue to invest in your content and followers and when you do a campaign, you need to outperform it. Put good pricing in your predefined deals and with all of that you increase dramatically your chances to be found and approached by the best brands. Still, at the end of the day, they will be the ones to choose if to work with you or not, so invest all of your skills into your profile, your content, your followers and sit tight, campaign are on their way

What is the difference between predefined deal and auction

Very simple. One of our goals is to make your and the brand’s life easier. One of the ways is to give you the option to create a price list for your services and this is what we call a predefined deal. For example you can define that one Facebook post cost $500.

Auction on the other end is the ability of a brand, after he found you suitable for its campaign to approach you and ask for a quote. This option gives you the flexibility to choose your price for the specific campaign they wish to run with you

Our recommendation is to have both options defined in your profile. This will increase the chances of being hired for a campaign.

So can I really relax and chill and you do all the work?

Yes you Can since we are taking all the headache. You still need to make sure you have a solid profile, get into the system to see new messages and respond to the brands that wish to work with you and make sure that you are doing your best effort for the campaigns you commit too. All the rest, like payments and reporting is on us

What if I want to contribute to some cause I believe in?

We strongly believe in giving back to the community and promotional campaigns of causes we believe in. This is why in one of the coming new releases of WOW platform you will be able to say to which cause you are willing to run a campaign pro-bono. We are certain that these nonprofit organizations will be thrilled to work with opinion leader such as yourself. Stay tuned

I’m a brand ambassador. Is your system support multiple campaigns?

Of course it does. When we say that the system is scalable, this is one of the use cases we had in mind. As a brand ambassador, you will be able to sign once with the brand and run multiple campaigns with them while all the great features we have for a single campaign like reporting will work like a charm for multiple campaigns. If you are a brand ambassador, register and give us a shoutout and we will make sure you get what you need.

I’m a talent agency and manage many influencers. Can you support my needs?

Easily. The system is built to support magnitudes of operations including giving you, a talent agency, of many influencers, the ability to manage for them everything or some activities. You can manage the profiles in WOW platform, set the pricing, sign on campaigns and manage reporting. All from one place for ALL of the influencers in your agency. If you manage a talent agency, give us a shoutout and we will guide you through everything you need to know to make the life of your customers and your agency easy



It is so simple – Go to the Influencer page and click on sign up, fill in all the details and don’t forget to get back to your mail. Connect your social networks and then follow the guidelines and make sure your profile is as strong it can be so you will be able to be adequately presented to the brand wishing to work with you

Why do you need to vet me?

We believe in a clean marketplace. This is why we vet. Brands and influencers. On the influencers side, we want to make sure you are a real person, with real followers that are engaged and willing to listen to you. Don’t worry, if you are a legit influencer, you’ll be vetted very fast and be part of the great WOW ecosystem

Pricing & Money

How can I be sure I’ll get paid

Because we make sure we get the money for escrow from the brand before the campaign start. Once we have the funds, and only then, you will get a green light to run the campaign. When it ends and both sides agree that the campaign ended according to the definitions, the funds will be transferred to your balance, minus our fees

Where can I get my payment

For now, we support Paypal and wire transfers. Soon more payment methods will be added.

How fast do you pay me?

You can request to withdraw all of some of the funds in your balance and we will process this within 24 hours to be sent to your PayPal or bank account (in that case, please allow up to 5 work days to have the funds in your bank account)

What is the brand refuse to approve that the campaign ended. What can I do?

Don’t worry. You can open a dispute, and WOW will act as a dispute resolution center. Assuming you did everything as requested you have nothing to worry about

Other Services

What kind of support do I get

Best in class support – we have 24/7 support available globally – any need you have we can answer via email, chat or phone

Can you help me create my creatives for the brand?

We believe that authenticity speaks very loud in this domain. This is why we think that you need to create your own content that will resonate with your loyal followers. We do plan in the future to support you with more features that will make the content creation easier for you and the brand.

Other Questions

Other Questions

Israeli POV

Yes – we’re proud to be part of the Innovation Nation – Israel has produced some of the leading technologies – from thumb drives to Waze – Intel and Apple have large chunks of their R&D in Israel because they know that our tech talent is unsurpassed – and we’ve captured some brilliant technological and creative minds for WOW. We are culturally and politically agnostic and are happy to work with any client from any Nationality or location.