Insta-famous – 5 Tips to becoming an Instagram Influencer

These days becoming an Instagram influencer is a very real job and a lucrative one at that, if done right. It may look easy from the outside but there’s a lot you need to know if you are going to make a name for yourself online. Gone are the days of fake-it-till-you-make-it. Followers want content […]

A hand holding a smart phone recording a video of a live event

Influencer Marketing: In-house or Agency?

Nowadays we see many brands advocating for the set-up of in-house influencer marketing teams, with many a millennial at the helm. This trend is gaining momentum as influencer profiles become the formidable arena for relevance. Million-dollar brand sponsorships and collaborations are changing the way in which B2B and B2C relationships are procured and maintained. As […]

How to Spot the Fakes!

How to Spot the Fakes!   With Influencer Marketing on the rise, many people want to get in on the action. Who wouldn’t want to make money advertising products and services by simply making videos and posting pictures, right? As a result, people will do anything to become a high-ranking influencer and that includes fake […]

How to Become a Top Influencer in Influencer Marketing

We’re getting deeper and deeper into the 21st century. Everyone and anyone is using Social Media on a day to day basis, whether you’re a twelve-year old making funny Tik Toks, a mom posting her baby’s first steps on Facebook, or a business man networking on LinkedIn. The world is fully interconnected with the web, […]

Busted – 6 Influencer Marketing Myths

As with any new strategy, some so-called marketing experts haven’t held back from questioning the success of influencer marketing. They believe brands are risking their hard-earned reputations by putting their products or services in the hands of social media amateurs with techniques that can’t be measured and aren’t as successful as old-school strategies. And if […]

Followers Demographics or Performance Stats? How to Choose Your Influencers

Follower Demographics or Performance Stats? How to Choose Your Influencers

The growth in the use of influencer marketing has a lot of brands clambering to secure good relationships with these powerful individuals. However, succeeding with influencer marketing means taking a strategic approach. You need to analyze the right data surrounding each influencer and their reach so that you can determine the right one to pursue. […]

Social Indicators and Business Indicators – What’s the Difference?

As influencer marketing continues to reshape the way brands interact with their audiences, it’s important to consider how these campaigns are measured. Proper monitoring of influencer marketing efforts will help determine which tactics are working and which are not, making it easier for marketing professionals to build a more effective strategy for their companies. However, […]

Data, Data, Data: Why Influencer Marketing Is More of A Science Than A Gut Feeling

Data, Data, Data: Why Influencer Marketing is More Science than Gut Feeling

As we proceed further into the information age, it’s becoming less and less popular to just “go with your gut.” We see it everywhere. In sports, scouts and coaches are constantly using data to help them evaluate players and determine match-ups. In government, politicians are collecting and using information about voters to help them write […]

7 Key Tips for Running a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

7 Key Tips for Running a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is becoming a more and more attractive way of boosting your brand, but how you can be sure your campaign goes the way you want? There are a number of factors to take into consideration.  By incorporating these tips into your next campaign, you can be sure it ends up a success. 1) […]

Short term influencer campaigns or long term ambassador contracts?

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audiences. Influencers have spent years building up trust with their audience, and are therefore rather successful at influencing their actions. Hence the term “influencer.” Brands all over the world are jumping on this exciting opportunity to market themselves. And as more and more people jump […]