You found an Influencer, NOW what?

The cornerstone of marketing and campaign efficiency centers around communication. However, in an ever-evolving climate of change online, the flow of creativity and campaign management requires a change in game plan. In this podcast, we discuss how to approach influencers in a way that will grab their attention and keep them engaged. Hope you enjoy! […]

Why Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is all over the marketing world today. But what is it really? Why marketers must have it as part of their toolbox? What’s the difference between sponsors, ambassadors, celebrities advertising and influencers? Why this marketing tool works so good in today’s markets? Listen to our episode about why influencer marketing is so important to […]

What is Audience Efficiency

The common understanding between marketers is that there is a significant overlap of followers when dealing with influencers from the same niche. But there are ways to avoid it and get more value for your budget. Join our second episode of the podcast to understand what is Audience Efficiency and what to demand from your platform […]

How to find Influencers

The influencer marketing world is expanding rapidly. But, finding the perfect match can be a tricky exercise. As a marketer where do you even begin to find them? Who’s the “right” influencer for your brand? Manually or automatically? In this episode, we explain the challenges in sourcing influencers and the tools you need as a marketer […]