It’s All About Gaming

This is one of the first campaigns we had, and it was a huge success. Read all about it here.


Medium size brand in the gaming industry that manufactures and sells accessories for gamers.

Currently exercising various digital marketing tools like banners and video ads. Played a bit with influencer marketing on a small scale in the past but were overwhelmed with the manual work required to find and manage the campaign.

Decided to try again with our system especially since they liked the management process and the analytics on the campaign results.

Campaign Overview

The brand wanted to increase the awareness of the brand’s main products like headphones and keyboards used mainly by gamers (video games).

They planned to use gamers in two modes (Omnichannel):

  • Twitch streamers to “show” they are using the brand’s products and inserting some messages during the stream
  • YouTube channel owners around specific games that will create a short video around the products and publish them in their channels

The campaign was planned to last for one month with as many influencers as their budget could afford.

Campaign Details

Goal – Increase brand awareness with casual gamers.

Objective – Increase the brand’s mentions on the social networks by 25% over the course of the campaign’s duration.

Campaign Duration – 1 month

Campaign Budget – Split to two:

  • Payment to influencers – $50,000
  • Product worth (Sent to influencers) – $20,000 (MSRP)

Audience Demographics

  • 75% male
  • Age groups: 16-22, 23-28, 29-35
  • Countries – English speaking: USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • Languages – English
  • Follower count:
    • Twitch channel – at least 25,000 subscribers to a channel
    • YouTube subscribers – 100,000 subscribers to a channel
  • Engagement rate expected – 7% (Likes, comments, upvotes)
  • Audience affinities –
    • Gaming in general
    • Specific game titles played or watched (g., DOTA 2, LOL, CS:GO)
    • Competitor’s mentions
  • Content:
    • Created by influencers
    • Messages built by the brand
    • The brand also provided product specifications to be used by the influencers
    • Brand provided imagery and other graphical assets to be used at influencers’ discretion
    • The brand approved all content before being posted by the influencers

Other Requirements

  • The Twitch influencers were required to send the stream recording with specific details to when they mentioned the brand (exact minute). The platform provided this automatically to the influencers
  • No other rules or restrictions defined

Campaign Results

Total proposals sent – 75

Total proposals accepted – 55

Total posted – 48

Total posts over the campaign’s duration:

  • Twitch streams – 26
  • YouTube videos – 22

Brand awareness increased by 347%

The share of voice over all channels compared to 2 other competitors increased from ~20% to 57%

Sales increase – not measured specifically, but the brand reported a significant increase in online orders from the mentioned countries (no change in other marketing activities)

Customer’s Feedback

“Amazingly easy to create and manage the campaign. It took us literally 30 minutes to find whom we want to work with, define everything and start running with influencers.”

“The results are outstanding. We knew that influencer marketing is a great tool but never thought of getting such results in such a small investment. We’re going to use this strategy in our future campaigns, especially when integrated with our activities like sponsorships campaigns around events.”

“We know that it will become one of the main tools we are going to use in large scale so we were looking for a long time for a system that will make our life easier. This is what you promised and delivered. From finding influencers to engaging with them and agreeing on content and all terms to the actual management of multiple influencers and many posts. No more excels!”

“If you find the right influencers it works like magic. There is a slight problem that not all the influencers we approached, wanted to work with us or under the terms we defined, but overall the response was good. To help us have bigger and more diverse campaigns, you must have a wider variety of influencers we can choose from.”

“The Dashboard is amazing. I was able to see in one shot all the information I was looking for and be better in our next campaign. We were amazed by the results and the correlation to the media value KPI you presented to us. And the easiest part was the production of a PDF that I handed to my manager.”

They are now doing the second round of 3 more targeted campaign with us.