Getting Your Budgets Worth During A Pandemic

When it comes to traditional advertising and marketing budgets, we look for the value for money invested based on the standard performance indicators like CPC/CPM, conversion rate, sales statistics, and all-round ROI. These numbers have always been our benchmark on whether the budget was spent successfully. Most often digital campaign budgets are split up amongst […]

Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

In the last year, we have seen many trends come and go. Some hit us like a bombshell while others faded into obscurity. Instagram’s decision to hide likes was one such trend, that when announced, caused quite a stir across the social media community. The app’s justification for the move was said to be in […]

The Halloween Special – Up Your #SquadGhouls This Spooky Season

For many marketers, brands and influencers alike, the festive season brings with it unmissable opportunities to boost sales, increase ad revenue and gain followers, Halloween being no exception. With a bit of crafting, a whole lot of imagination and most importantly, competitive monetizable content to capture trending attention, everyone is getting geared up. From ghoulish […]

Insta-famous – 5 Tips to becoming an Instagram Influencer

These days becoming an Instagram influencer is a very real job and a lucrative one at that, if done right. It may look easy from the outside but there’s a lot you need to know if you are going to make a name for yourself online. Gone are the days of fake-it-till-you-make-it. Followers want content […]

Media Slang – The words you need to know

From FOMO to JOMO and Twerk to Tea, these “new” words are continually shaping how we communicate with one another, creating a colorful tapestry of language now commonly used in our everyday online lives. But what does it all mean? WOW Influence decided to explore 6 trending words and phrases that have gone viral, sliding […]

A hand holding a smart phone recording a video of a live event

Influencer Marketing: In-house or Agency?

Nowadays we see many brands advocating for the set-up of in-house influencer marketing teams, with many a millennial at the helm. This trend is gaining momentum as influencer profiles become the formidable arena for relevance. Million-dollar brand sponsorships and collaborations are changing the way in which B2B and B2C relationships are procured and maintained. As […]

How to Spot the Fakes!

How to Spot the Fakes!   With Influencer Marketing on the rise, many people want to get in on the action. Who wouldn’t want to make money advertising products and services by simply making videos and posting pictures, right? As a result, people will do anything to become a high-ranking influencer and that includes fake […]

How to Become a Top Influencer in Influencer Marketing

We’re getting deeper and deeper into the 21st century. Everyone and anyone is using Social Media on a day to day basis, whether you’re a twelve-year old making funny Tik Toks, a mom posting her baby’s first steps on Facebook, or a business man networking on LinkedIn. The world is fully interconnected with the web, […]

Busted – 6 Influencer Marketing Myths

As with any new strategy, some so-called marketing experts haven’t held back from questioning the success of influencer marketing. They believe brands are risking their hard-earned reputations by putting their products or services in the hands of social media amateurs with techniques that can’t be measured and aren’t as successful as old-school strategies. And if […]

I’m a Millennial Marketing student who watched the Fyre Festival unfold on social media. ​Here are the five things I learned.

Influencer Marketing is still a new and evolving marketing strategy. However, old questions are resurfacing, and further questions are presenting themselves after the Fyre Festival Documentaries on Netflix and Hulu were released earlier this month. Marketers are questioning their future investments in influence marketing, but it is important to note that this event took place […]